Thor Halverssen: Human Rights Wizard

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan, but all activist. His blood echoes the swashbucklers of his father’s Norway and former rulers of his mother’s Venezuela. Thor’s interest in human rights is not academic. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor’s father once exposed government corruption and was arrested. Accused of terrorism, he was thrown into a Caracas prison and tortured for 74 days. Be the time of his release, he still had not been charged with anything. His mother was shot during a peaceful anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration that turned not-so-peaceful. This conflict left twelve wounded and one dead.

Thor Halvorssen main focus is on dictatorships, human trafficking, slavery and threats to democracy. In 1999, he spearheaded a campaign for anti-slave labor policy in China. He also became the first executive director and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or, FIRE. FIRE is a U.S. civil liberties organization. During this time, he formed coalitions that united conservative and libertarian advocacy organizations. He defends individuals both on the right and the left of the political spectrum.

In March 2004, Halvorssen left his position as head of FIRE to join its Board of Advisors. He announced the creation of the Human Rights Foundation, an international group that would “champion the definition of human rights…” HRF advocates for the release of political prisoners.

In 2009, Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is an annual gathering of human rights advocates from across the globe. Participants include Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Aliokhina of Pussy Riot fame, Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, Julian Assange and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, just to name a few. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

In his own words, Thor Halvorssen describes himself as “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.” He believes that liberties of opinion, speech and expression denied to one is effectively denied to all. Why does he engage this way? His emphatic answer: “I love people!” Once, Halvorssen snuck into a monastery to tape an interview.

On the way out, Vietnamese authorities arrested and detained him until he convinced police that he was a Buddhist seeker. His cameraman had to sneak the video card out by hiding it in his rectum. That’s dedication to their beliefs. As Thor Halvorssen has said, “sometimes you…roll up your sleeves and get dirty!”

Sweetgreen: More Than A Salad Bar

One thing that could be said for Sweetgreen is that it is more than a salad bar. For one thing, the establishment deals more with the what. One thing that Nathaniel Ru and his partners have focused on was the why. For instance, they have seen that the fast food industry was actually one of the unhealthy industries on the market. As a result, they have decided that they wanted to do whatever they can to change that. They want fast food to be healthier for people that are looking for something to eat. Therefore, they decide that they want to bring forth Sweetgreen as a way to provide people with alternatives.


The idea behind Sweetgreen was that they wanted to challenge the norm. With Sweetgreen, they had the intention of being very respectable and pleasing to society. They focused more on being good with the people before offering their products. They have decided that the desire was to be social and friendly first, then a business later. This model worked well for people. They look for ways to provide something for people in many ways other than serving people. This is one of the ways that Sweetgreen is changing the industry.


This could not be achieved without creativity. Sweetgreen is the result of creative minds such as Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel is someone who has looked at the market for fast food restaurants. Then he has also looked at what he can do. One thing that he did was go beyond the bare minimum and made sure that he is offering something that many other people could get behind.


One thing that Nathaniel did was make sure that entertainment was part of the experience. He has especially came up with the solution when he has looked for a way to reach a community that one of his locations was struggling in. This is when he has decided that it is a good idea to host a music festival that people can enjoy while they are enjoying their meals. This makes it very fun for people that are looking for a fun night out that is also healthy.


Billy McFarland Breaks The Mold

It is not every day that such a young person hits on a blockbuster of a business idea, and that is why Billy McFarland is so unique. Success at a young age, however, is nothing new to McFarland. He started his first successful business was birthed when he was only 13 when he paired a design company with potential new clients.

When he was attending college as a freshman at Bucknell in Pennsylvania, he started Spling which takes text URLs of companies and turns them into a graphic mosaic design that is more attractive and can be effectively utilized for promotional purposes.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Billy McFarland creates a concept that could revolutionize the entire millennium community with an idea that they are already embracing in a big way. Catering to young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 35, Magnises is a platform that allows millennials to connect and share ideas both socially and for business.

The magic of the concept lies in The Black Card, a heavier metal card that copies the data from a member’s credit or debit card and is then used at the favorite venues where millennials frequent only at a terrific discount. Favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, theater spots, travel venues, concerts, and events are all in on the concept too.

McFarland is picky about who and what kind of business will sign on, as they have to have their “A” game on too. Prospective members have to fill out an online application form, and then if approved, shell out a mere $250 per year for the privilege.

Currently, Magnises operates only in New York City and Washington DC, but plans are in the works for expansion into Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. Perhaps this will not happen all at once, but the success pattern is there, with Magnises logging 10,000 members at the end of 2015.

A recent addition of $3 million of venture capital has been a boost to the company too so everything looks good for the expansion plans to get underway. Billy McFarland does not feel like slowing down anytime soon, and if past results are any indication, the next few months and years offer continued success.

The Life and Career of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a successful investor and a philanthropist who has moved and caused impact to the world of enterprise and investment in U.S and abroad. Saba has built an excellent reputation and is a powerful business woman across the globe.

When Saba first ventured into the world of business, Saba and her associates had to fight most of the corrupt individuals who tried forcing her out of the area. Although she lost a lot of money and her time was wasted, it was a success since she won the battle. Following her success, Malini ventured into business in various territories of the world.

She kept thriving, and she didn’t quit even when the challenges intensified. Her efforts and courage paid off. Today, Malini is one of the most successful business woman owning large scale resources. Her field in business includes real estates, rice firms, and energy companies.

Malini started her investing processes back in the 1990s where she invested with businesses in Silicon Valley. She also invested in Sycamore Networks and PayPal Netscreen Technologies. From these investment ventures, Saba has made a huge profit and continued the success of the companies.

Malini has a knack for choosing the greatest markets to venture in. She identifies the best places to risk her money expecting more significant income in return. Malini states that the commodity market is the best place to invest, though, with greater risks involved, the returns are excellent.

Malini is the founder and the chairperson of Saban. Saban is a company that has maintained success in various investments interests worldwide. The company deals with technology in U.S, real estate in India and Australia and also oil and gas in China.

Saba is a passionate philanthropist woman who has an interest in developing and improving the lifestyle of fellow women. In 2001 she started a Stree; Global Investment in Women. The organization is non-profit, and it aims at changing the way low-income women and children across the globe see their role in today’s society.

The organization helps women to access legal empowerment, health care and also provide a platform to connect women with public policy across the various corner of the world including Asia, Africa America, and India.

Despite her incredible success in business fields, Malini Saba personally takes care of her child with no help of Nannies, something a lot of successful women don’t do. Her family is her top priority. She has a South Asian origin.

Hippeas: Livio Bisterzo’s Newest Socially-Conscious Snack-on-the-Go

Livio Bisterzo set out with his team to create a snack that not only was extremely healthy but also one that was great on taste. What they came up with was Hippeas, an organic chickpea puff that is vegan, gluten-free and kosher. They are also only 100 calories for each pack, with three grams of protein as well as a good source of fiber. Bisterzo has gone through thousands of different customer comments that say they are completely pleased with their new to-go snack.

According to Crunchbase, Bisterzo has been working in the health and natural food industry for the past seven years. He created Hippeas along with a food innovation company in May of 2015. It took a few rounds of product development with consumer testing to create a finished product that he was happy with and ready to sell. Today, Hippeas are one of the latest products to join up with Starbuck’s grab-and-go snacks.

Hippeas are offered in two different flavors in the coffee shop, Far Out Fajita for a more spicy taste and Vegan White Cheddar for a sweeter flavor. Both can be found in more than 7,500 different locations of Starbucks throughout the country. Other flavors include: In Herbs We Trust, Sweet & Smokin’ and Pepper Power. Boots and Holland & Barrett, a retail company, also offers Hippeas to their valued customers.

The brand name Hippeas is geared towards those embracing the modern “hippie” life. To keep with this brand the company has partnered up with Farm America to continue their joint initiative “Food for Good”. Farm Africa, the company that Bisterzo has partnered up with, was chosen so that he could continue to give back by supporting chickpea farmers found in eastern Africa with every product he sells.

Read More on Forbes: Hippeas This Health Food Startup Geared Towards Millenials is Giving Peas A Chance

The visual identity was developed as a way to stand out in the consumers’ minds when they see it on the shelf. The package is centered on the bold yellow face on the front with different colored tongues on the front of the packages standing for the different flavors of the product. The brand aims to combine the importance of being socially-conscious with a little bit of humor.

Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015 with the goal to create multichannel drink and food brands. His goal is to promote brands that not only taste good but that also leaves a continuing social impact on his customers as well as to encourage both cultural and behavioral changes.

Markus Rothkranz Healthy Breakfast Recipe

In this videoYouTube star, lifestyle guru, and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz shows viewers how to make two delicious, healthy breakfast recipes. They are both made with raw foods and is fast and easy to make.

The first recipe is for a fruit salad. It should contain seasonal fruit and also has cashew cream. For her salad, Cara uses strawberries, raspberries, mango, bananas, blueberries, and kiwi. She sweetens it with maple syrup and alcohol-free vanilla. First she puts all the fruit into a bowl. Then she makes the cashew cream. She blends soaked cashews, vanilla, maple syrup, water, and ice together until it is slightly runny. Cara then pours the blended cashew cream on top of the bowl of fruit. Finally, she tops the salad with pomegranate powder, almonds, cacao nibs, and mulberries.

The second recipe is for a green fruit smoothie. Markus says it should be half greens and half fruit. It is really easy and fast because all you need is a blender and four minutes of time. Markus uses carrot tops, spinach, kale, celery, red leaf lettuce, dandelions, parsley, coconut water, pineapple, bananas, and organic frozen berries and cranberries. Markus says that you can use the greens and fruits of your choice and that you can use one type or a variety. The frozen fruit gives the smoothie a good texture. He also adds plant protein powder and green formula powder for extra added vitamins and minerals. He then adds Udo’s oil for essential fatty acids and lecithin granules emulsifying fats, plus nut butter for protein.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

There are several ways of making investments. The same thing applies to financial planning. Some people only need to make one good investment before they reach their goals with investing.

Yet, others may have spent lots of time and money in trying many kinds of investments through complicated financial planning before they end up failing and feeling disappointed. This is the major concern of Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions.

For two decades Richard Blair has helped thousands of clients make their financial planning decisions based on their individual needs. His success is spreading by word of mouth as most of his clients keep coming back for more advice after having enjoyed fast return of investment.

He enjoys sharing his thoughts and experiences about financial management with large business owners and individuals alike who want to start investing at home for the sake of his or her financial freedom. There is never conflict of interest because education is the basic teaching of Blair’s financial management theory.

Many people find themselves trapped in a comfort zone where they feel like they have had enough with their current occupation, yet they don’t fully realize that they may spend more than they imagine when they are retired and need to plan for their future now.

Inflation is likely to last in our futures so people have to make sure that they still can maintain their monthly salary even when they are retired.

Although it sounds obvious, not all people can apply the right retirement planning that meets their needs. Richard Blair specializes in helping such people, who need to find the best financial planning after retirement.

He understands that there is always a financial fluctuation which may occur in years to come, yet his decades of experiences in this matter prove to be very effective in preparing the best financial strategy with as little risk as possible.

According to Bright Scope, It is important to keep in mind that Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions is not merely for retirement planning consultation, but it is open for everyone with a financial management point of view. Everyone deserves his or her wealth because everyone can reach it, through the right investment system and through the help of Wealth Solutions.

Founded in 1994, this Austin based enterprise has maintained its loyal clients throughout Austin, Houston, Marble Falls, etc, who have put their trust in finding the best investment ideas based on the right financial management plan.

George Soros, Committed To World Changing Initiatives

George Soros is a man dedicated to bringing positive change in the world. He is well known for his charitable acts both in the social and political arenas. The Hungarian-born billionaire, George Soros, has over the years supported Democratic candidates and causes, and he is committed to supporting Hillary Clinton. In 2004, he financially supported John Kerry in his presidential bid. In 2016, he has committed about $25M to boost Democratic candidates and is expected to give more as the election nears. The 85-year-old businessman over the past year has amassed over $24 Billion in currency trade.

Though he has consistently been a Democratic cause’s donor, this year he has elevated the donations as he has a lot of faith in Hillary Clinton. His contribution has influenced other donors to boost Clinton’s campaigns. Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner have each contributed $11.1M. Don Sussman has donated $13.2M and Tom Steyer has committed $31M. George Soros has donated to Priorities USA Action which is in support of Clinton’s bid, Democratic Party Committees, PACs and America Bridge 21st Century.

The philanthropist has donated to Immigrant Voters Wins who seeks to increase Hispanic Voters turnout on Twitter. America Votes is also another group that has been supported by Soros in its efforts to mobilize voters. He has donated to Planned Parenthood Votes a group that supports candidates advocating for abortion rights and Voting Rights Trust a group fighting efforts to restrict voting.

George Soros is also a staunch supporter of criminal justice reforms on and has helped several district attorneys who are dedicated to removing bias in sentencing based on race and background of the offender. He has donated to seven local district attorney campaigns in six states. He seeks to reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice and has also funded Florida Safety and Justice Group and local prosecutor campaign in the six states.

The author of several books has also committed $500M to startup, businesses and social-impact initiatives that have been founded by refugees and migrants. The move is to provide solutions to the problems that the dislocated people encounter. For his plans to be successful, George Soros will be working with the International Rescue Committee and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The London School of Economics graduate is the founder of Open Society Foundation and Soros Fund Management on Bloomberg. The stock analyst and trader has invested in the financial market which has enabled him to accumulate a fortune. The father of five through the foundation has reached out to many people across the world. He helped black students in South Africa attend Cape Town University during the apartheid era and provided university fees to students in marginalized areas and refugees who have a promising future. The self-made billionaire has funded global initiatives committed to advancing healthcare, education, justice, independent media and business development.

Thor Halvorssen’s Fight For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights advocate and film producer. Halvorssen’s work has touched on topics such as public policy, individuals rights, and pro democracy advocacy.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a series of global conferences run by Halvorssen’s organization; The Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is devoted to global human rights and freedom.

Halvorssen’s work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Time Magazine. Halvorssen has also been on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN and HBO.

Halvorssen’s engagement in the politics of global human rights has put him into some conflicts.

Halvorssen says that the Human Rights Foundation wants to end oppressive regimes throughout the World. Halvorssen says that he is a liberal who has no interest in politics, only in human rights.

Thor Halvorssen’s political involvement was in the divided politics of Venezuela and his father’s imprisonment. While in college, Halvorssen teamed with Amnesty International and other rights organizations, who put pressure on Venezuelan authorities and helped get Halvorssen’s father released from prison.

 Halvorssen’s relationship with Venezuela remains strained. Halvorssen says that he will be arrested if he returns. While seen as something of a celebrity, Halvorssen is a very private person.

Thor Halvorssen only likes to talk about his work. Halvorssen has found supporters in his crusade against authoritarian regimes, such as actor Armie Hammer, Gary Sinise, and Peter Thiel.

However, Halvorssen admits that he has no real interest in being the face of an organization despite being a leader.

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Trouble Maker For Tyrants | Weekly Standard

Reputation Management Made Easy

We have all experienced it. A foolish choice suddenly ruins our reputation in the eyes of those who matter to us. Whether it is a prospective employer, parent, or significant other, most people want to do all that they can to maintain the appearance of good.

Reputation Management Fixers is in business to help you know the steps to take to maintain a quality public image. One of the ancient tricks that works for reputation management is to overcome the negative with the positive – in other words they work hard to suppress negative search results for their clients. If you only have people with similar names online, you may get associated with them. If Bob the Butcher does something nasty, Bob the salesman may get a tarnished online profile and nasty teasing from his colleagues.

If you are Bob the salesman, make sure that your positive content is out there for the world to see. Showcase your recent successful deals. Use the major websites. According to the Alexa 500, the top websites globally are Google, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Make sure that your positive stuff is prominent on all these major outlets. This will maximize the attention that your brand or image gets in a good way.

If something happened that is entirely your fault (like drunken beer party photos), then turn it into a redemptive story. People love gossip and low down humility. Make a joke about your mistakes in the past. What people hate is the appearance of hypocrisy.

Reputation Management Fixers recommends that you keep your webpages updated. This helps positive content be on top, and negative content or slander will fall to the wayside.

Another good idea is to limit the amount of information about yourself that you publish online. The more that people can see of you, the more that they can trash your good name. Being discrete has its benefits, but if someone is insistent in their attempts to take down your good name, try reputation management services such as RMF to help get your reputation back. Try to cultivate a balance of being accessible, but not too obvious. Many people in modern US culture go toward the extreme of being too obvious online, and that causes them grief later when they try to get a job.