Reputation Management Made Easy

We have all experienced it. A foolish choice suddenly ruins our reputation in the eyes of those who matter to us. Whether it is a prospective employer, parent, or significant other, most people want to do all that they can to maintain the appearance of good.

Reputation Management Fixers is in business to help you know the steps to take to maintain a quality public image. One of the ancient tricks that works for reputation management is to overcome the negative with the positive – in other words they work hard to suppress negative search results for their clients. If you only have people with similar names online, you may get associated with them. If Bob the Butcher does something nasty, Bob the salesman may get a tarnished online profile and nasty teasing from his colleagues.

If you are Bob the salesman, make sure that your positive content is out there for the world to see. Showcase your recent successful deals. Use the major websites. According to the Alexa 500, the top websites globally are Google, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Make sure that your positive stuff is prominent on all these major outlets. This will maximize the attention that your brand or image gets in a good way.

If something happened that is entirely your fault (like drunken beer party photos), then turn it into a redemptive story. People love gossip and low down humility. Make a joke about your mistakes in the past. What people hate is the appearance of hypocrisy. Saying one thing, and being another is not cool. Make sure that your online content accurately reflects who you really are, and your negative numbers should go down.

Reputation Management Fixers recommends that you keep your webpages updated. This helps positive content be on top, and negative content or slander will fall to the wayside.

Another good idea is to limit the amount of information about yourself that you publish online. The more that people can see of you, the more that they can trash your good name. Being discrete has its benefits, but if someone is insistent in their attempts to take down your good name, try reputation management services such as RMF to help get your reputation back. Try to cultivate a balance of being accessible, but not too obvious. Many people in modern US culture go toward the extreme of being too obvious online, and that causes them grief later when they try to get a job.

Hippeas Is No Challenger Brand, It Is Here To Stay

livio bisterzo hippeas multi color

The world is becoming more accepting of certain dietary needs. It used to be that you couldn’t find very much vegetarian or vegan food around even if you tried. Nowadays, there are entire restaurants devoted to vegan cuisine and most places will offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. The new challenge in the food and beverage marketplace is to produce food products that everybody will enjoy no matter what their dietary inclinations.

That’s why I am very impressed with this new product called Hippeas. These chickpea-based snacks come in what looks like a very colorful potato chip bag. They are pressed into little elbow shapes and they are salty and crunchy, available in a variety of flavors including vegan white cheddar, far out fajita, sriracha sunshine, maple haze, pepper power and happenenin hickory.

But there is a reason that Hippeas is not some challenger brand. Hippeas are poised to dominate the market because they appeal to people with a wide variety of dietary needs. The chickpea is vegan and organic while being high in protein and fiber. It is vegan, gluten-free, organic, Kosher, non-GMO and does not have MSG. And all the while they taste just as good as any name brand potato chip or snack product.

What really knocks it out of the park for Green Park Holdings and its CEO Livio Bisterzo is that the food product does good for people and planet. The chickpea is an amazing plant that impregnates the soil with nutrients as it grows, creating a fertile, sustainable farm land. And Green Park has also partnered with Farm Africa, an international organization that promotes good farming practices in Eastern Africa. Every purchase you make goes towards helping those farmers beat poverty. So every bite you take not only helps your body, it helps the planet and people on the other side of it. It is literally a feel-good food.

And Hippeas is just the first brand for Green Park Holdings, but it is not the first brand for its young CEO Livio Bisterzo. At the age of 27, Livio Bisterzo took a Chicago-based men’s grooming line global, selling it in over 28 countries. He then moved on to a tea and juice product, getting the beverage sold in 18 countries before moving on to Green Park Holdings. He now lives in Los Angeles in order to focus on this new endeavor. And if his past success is any indicator, Hippeas will become a household food around the world.

Leading the Mike Baur Way

Every day, more opportunities are cropping up in the world of digital business thanks to technological advancements. Eager to grab the opportunities when they are still hot, young people are taking a deep plunge into entrepreneurship.


Fortunately, young entrepreneurs raring to begin their careers in the digital technology have Mike Baur. Consider this: he’s had a busy and illustrious career spanning for more than 20 years as a banker at, among others, Sallfort and Clariden. In spite of his success and the promise of even more, he quit his career believing that he was more needed by young innovators in the tech industry than he was needed in the banking sector.


Starting From Scratch


Everything has a beginning and Mike had to start from somewhere in his quest to help young people grow into successful entrepreneurs. He first invested in startup companies before co- founding the Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF). Through determination, hard work, and dedication to his cause, he has steered the company to the top of the industry, helping produce some of the most successful startups in digital technology.


Entrepreneurship Launching Pad


Many business ideas by young people are just great. However, most of them become total disasters as soon as they are put into practice. In most cases, the reason for failure is simply lack of mentorship. Apart from offering young businesspeople an opportunity to put their entrepreneurship ideas into practice through financial support, SSUF provides guidance on the best ways to kick-start a digital technology company and get it in full speed in a short period of time.


A Global Reach


 One of the biggest benefits of advancements in the tech industry is the bridging of long distances. Although based at the heart of Zurich, SSUF’s supporting hand does not reach to Swiss youth alone. It extends to a large number of entrepreneurs all over the world through a network that is growing stronger by the day.


Already, prominent entrepreneurs have joined up with SSUF in providing support to young business people. One of the most notable is Michael Hartweg who, like Mike Baur, left a promising career in finance to help chart the way for young innovators.



Susan McGalla is a Force to be Reckoned with in the Business World

The setbacks that women used to suffer through, such as unequal pay and sexism, are becoming a thing of the past thanks to steps taken by various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Now, women are a common sight in the boardroom and are proving to be very efficient leaders on They are proving to have innate abilities that are essential to management positions, such as being good at networking and earning other’s trust. One such powerful woman that has made her way to the top is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla has made a name for herself in the business sector, despite it previously being an area restricted to only men. Using her know-how, she was able to climb up the corporate ladder and maintain her position at the top. She believed that nothing came on a silver platter; it was up to the person to figure out which of their traits would lead them to becoming extraordinary. For Susan McGalla, it was her hard work, desire, resourcefulness, and confidence that lead her to the top, along with her belief that she possessed greatness that only she could unlock.

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Front Office Staff | Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla – Director of Strategic Planning and Growth @ The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC

Susan McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company, working there from 1986 to 1994. After that, her real rise to the top began when she was hired on at American Eagle Outfitters. Here she worked her way up to becoming the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company. Eventually, she decided to leave the company and become a private consultant for financial investment and retail businesses. Not long after, Wet Seal basically pleaded with her to become their CEO, so she left the private consultant industry behind in 2011 to accept Wet Seal’s offer on Later, she left to become a consulting expert and found P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Not long after founding her company, she took on the job as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla has had a very extensive career in the business industry, and she is the perfect example of a woman that was able to break through that glass ceiling. She is a role model for other women trying to make it big in their respective industries, and she shows them that it is more than possible for a woman to make it in a man’s world.

Managing the Online Reputation

The internet is oftentimes a wonderful place; so much can be shared and communicated, businesses can extend their reach to broader audiences, and friends and families connect like never before.

Sometimes, though, the internet is rather harsh and brutal; a merciless place filled with angry consumers who want nothing more than to tear down the virtual walls of their target business. Too often do humans focus on the bad that has happened rather than the good, the amazing, the special. One grumpy customer with internet access can easily tell all your potential consumers to keep away from your brand, damaging your business outlook, and flinging needless mud all over your good reputation.
So how does one protect their reputation on the internet? As it turns out, there are many companies, such as Reputation Management Fixers, that can, will, and do help businesses with this.

Online Reputation Management services work to bury negative search results about your business, and help to promote the good news instead. They work in many ways; helping optimize your content, supporting you through social media, boosting your brand, and over all giving your business a lofty leg up away from all the naysayers who doubt your brand.
Even if a business has not experienced much bad rap from the crowds, these Online Reputation Management companies can help your business stand out from the crowd. Such is especially desirable to budding businesses, who can gain so much more exposure and get to work on a good reputation almost right away than they would on their own.

Of course, like anything else in this world, it is hardly one size fits all. One must determine what they need done. Researching based on your needs will help you narrow down the right fit for you. Reputation Management Fixers offers themselves to businesses in need of cleaning out bad reviews. Additionally, many Online Reputation Management companies will also help you with your personal reputation, -perhaps by deleting some incriminating pictures from your social media- allowing you to navigate the internet feeling at least a little more secure about yourself.

Helane Morrison Has Earned Trust Of Investors Through Her Actions

Helane Morrison has had a long career in the financial district in San Francisco. She started out as a defense lawyer for clients that were being sued by the SEC. She later transitioned to working for the SEC. During her time working for the SEC she was promoted as the Director for the San Francisco office of the Security Exchange Commission. In 2007, she started working for Hall Capital and today sits as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for the investment firm. Her job as CCO is to make sure that the investment company is completely compliant with all aspects of the SECs regulations.

Morrison worked from 1999-2007 for the SEC. She worked tirelessly to fight the corrupt activities that existed in all markets. She eventually became the director for the San Francisco office of the SEC. The director for the San Fran office is in charge of the entire state of California and 5 other states in the Pacific Northwest in including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. She was a staunch fighter against corrupt practices by investors and lenders. Her experience as a defense attorney for those being sued by the SEC was a huge source of knowledge for this.
This fight continued through 2007. This is the year that the housing bubble burst and the market collapsed. This housing market collapse was a result of predatory lending practices by banks when it came to home loans. They would give money for what were called subprime mortgages. Morrison was at the forefront of fighting against and attempting to prosecute these individuals.

After the market collapse in 2007, Helane Morrison saw the trust that people seemed to have lost in investment professionals. She completely understands the positive effects that market can have on people’s bottom line if they stick with the process over time. This is what led her to take a job in the private sector working for Hall Capital Group.

Hall Capital Group is one of the leading investment firms in the state of California. Part of the reason Morrison was drawn to the company is the fact that the firm is completely run by women. As the Managing Director of Hall Capital Group, Morrison has worked to win back the trust of investors. This is especially in the real estate market.

She has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She also has a law degree from the University of California at Berkley. She will combine her education and years of experience to help investors all over the state of California win back their nest egg.

Fabletics Is Rocking The Fashion World

Planning to head out to the gym or take a jog through the park? Wearing the correct clothes can make the difference in your workout. Wearing clothes that are designed for your tough workouts and to help you look good can be a difficult find.

Discovering the Fabletics stores solved this problem for me! I stumbled across the store from an article I found online at Racked. Fabletics is currently an online store that offers a membership for active wear. Their tag line is Fabletics, where fitness and fashion meet. The program works by allowing you to join or become a VIP member. The starting cost is $25.00 with fifty percent off and free shipping for your first outfit. One you join you will be charged a monthly fee. However, you can choose to pass for the month if you do not need anything.

I found the clothes to be very stylish and comfortable. The selection is huge with a diverse amount of style to choose. The clothes are meant to fit woman of all sizes, from small to large and everything in between.

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Kate Hudson co-founds Fabletics. A well-known actress and fashion icon. Kate feels the desire to inspire others to lead a healthy and active life. This inspiration was the start of the Fabletics clothing line. The store is based online but can also be found at various locations in the United States, to include the famous Mall of America located in Minnesota.

Fabletics feels there clients satisfaction is vital, so they have a goal of happy customers, they feel that even one unhappy customer is too many. Finding a company that cares about its customers, and the products they sell ‘s hard to find. Kate Hudson should be very proud of this business adventure. I fully expect to see the store making headlines.

The US Money Reserve Has A Plan For Gold Coin Investments

The people who are looking for better ways to invest have to start thinking about how they are going to invest in gold coins, and they can come to US Money Reserve for the gold coins that looks the most fun.

They have a lot of options for all people who want to try gold coins, and Philip Diehl explained how their company works on EPNS Radio. The best part of this for most people is that it is very easy to do. They will be able to invest in something that retains value, and they will notice that they have something they can collect for a long time.

Someone who keeps these coins for a long time will be able to make a lot of money from their investments, and then they need to remember that they have a lot of chances to make more money from just one type of investment. Read more: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

The coins that people have designs that are fun to look at, and they will be something that people can collect and be proud of. They are the best things for people to collect because they can become a source of pride, and then they can be sold off when it is time.

The gold coins that people buy from the US Money Reserve are going to offer a nice investment that is easy to track for all buyers. They can get in touch with Philip Diehl about how the US Money Reserve works, and they can learn about the gold coins that will be offered every year.

The coins will have new designs every year, and someone can put together a really large collection that is useful for their finances. They can sell to retire, or they can sell them when the price is at its highest.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

How Did Fabletics Become A Jetsetter In The Fashion World?

Fabletics has been the jet-setting brand that made it possible for people to wear casual clothes in public whether they were going to the gym or not. There are a lot of people who are going to want to take advantage of Fabletics because they do not want to waste any of their time getting their clothes together. Kate Hudson talked to Marie Claire about how she put together the brand, and she explains how she made it so that women would be able to dress any way they want, and they can even wear their gym clothes out in public.

Read the full interview at

There are a lot of women who do not have time to waste during the day, and it is very hard for women to get ready if their clothes are too much trouble. It is easy for women to feel good in athleisure because of the way that Fabletics was put together. It is easy for women to get into their gym clothes, and then they will be able to look that much better because they are in the most current clothes on the market. Any woman will look like a model because she is wearing something that is perfect for the active woman, and it can be paired with anything.

Fabletics has clothes that are very easy to pair with, and it is very easy for people to change in and out of them during the day. Every woman who wants to be able to change when she is going from the gym to store and back to pick up the kids, and she can wear a lot of different items from skirts and dresses to long tops. Every woman will look a lot better when she gets dressed in the morning, but it will take very little effort.